Tulsa & Broken Arrow, OK Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can affect both the interior and exterior of a home or office building. It can begin with cracks in the exterior walls and roof, where water from rain or a storm seeps in, and then work its way into the interior of a building, causing damage. Water damage can also result from leaking or broken pipes and bathroom fixtures, causing damage from water soaking into the floors, walls, and ceilings. Water damage provides an excellent environment for mold growth, which can cause even further damage and pose a health risk for those within the area.

Professionally trained and packed with a variety of water restoration tools, the experts at ServiceMaster by Ike can drain standing water, dry and dehumidify affected rooms, begin sanitizing the area of bacteria growth, offer pack-out services, content cleaning and restoration. ServiceMaster by Ike’s full range of water damage restoration service is one of the best restoration and recovery provider you can find in Tulsa and the surrounding area.