Steps To Take After Discovering Okmulgee County Water Damages

When discovering Okmulgee County water damages, quick action is key in order to reduce damages and avoid permanent losses. For water damage restoration in Tulsa, Broken Arrow OK, and many of the nearby areas, there’s no one else better than ServiceMaster by Ike for disaster restoration services.

When you first discover water damages in your Tulsa or Broken Arrow home or office, we have some helpful tips you can use to jumpstart the restoration process and minimize losses.

1) Stop the flow of incoming water.
For Tulsa and Broken Arrow OK water damage, you need to find any type of method to stop incoming water leading into your property. Find a way to shut downyour water supply and/or redirecting incoming water to lead outside.When you prevent additional water from entering your property, your limiting the overall amount, which can cause damages and losses.

2) Move your items out of the area
To avoid damages and losses, if deemed safe, remove all of your furnishings, valuables, and electronics, from the area and into a safe, dry location. When items are standing in water or come into constant contact with water, water can be absorbed and cause damages. Prevent losses and remember to remove your valuables from the affected area.

3) Remove as much water as possible
Once you have shut off the water or the incoming water has stopped. Do anything possible to remove water from your property. Use wet-vacuums or sump-pumps to extract water, mops to absorb water, or even towels and clothes to absorb as much liquid as possible.

With swift actions, you give yourself a fighting chance at reducing overall damages, avoiding losses, and minimizing costs. Contact ServiceMaster by Ike today to begin or learn more about our Okmulgee County water restoration services for your Tulsa and Broken Arrow OK home or office.