Minimizing Damages When Facing Water Damages in Tulsa, OK

Water damages in Tulsa, OK can occur in a variety of ways, from burst pipes, severe storms, poor drainage systems, and an endless number of other causes. But when you face water damages in Tulsa, OK, you must take quick action in order to minimize damages and overall costs. The experts at ServiceMaster by Ike has some helpful advice you can use to help reduce damages, if you’ve suffered from water damages in Tulsa, OK. Please see below.

What To Do When Facing Water Damages in Tulsa, OK

  • Enhance the drying process by using fans
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping
  • Wipe off any condensation that has built up on furniture legs to avoid damages
  • Use dehumidifiers to assist the drying process, by removing moisture from the air
  • Hang dry draperies, rugs, mats, and any other cloth items
  • Place furniture cushions upright to dry evenly
  • Remove any wet rugs or mats from the area
  • Open any drawers or cabinets to allow the wood to try
  • If it is not raining, open all of the windows and doors to allow air circulation
  • If deemed safe to use, use your heater or air conditioner unit to help the drying process

We hope that with these tips you can minimize the overall amount of water damages in Tulsa, OK. But when you need professional assistance, always know that you can rely on the experts at ServiceMaster by Ike for water damage restoration services in Tulsa, OK. We’ll help restore and repair your property back to its rightful condition