Keeping You Prepared for Tulsa Fire Damages

Tulsa fire damages can happen in the blink of an eye, all it takes is leaving a leaving your stove for a few seconds, placing a napkin too close to a toaster, spilling a candle, improperly disposing your cigarette, and several other reasons. ServiceMaster by Ike has some helpful information you can use to protect your home or office from experiencing fire damages in Tulsa.

How to stay safe against fire damages in Tulsa:

  • Install fire detectors in all rooms
  • Test the batteries of each fire detector. They should be replaced annually.
  • Place multiple fire extinguishers in easy to reach areas.
  • Safely distance appliances that can get hot or very warm from items that can become easily flammable

Always have an evacuation plan.
In the even a fire does breakout, have an evacuation plan ready. Plan a variety of routes you can follow to be able to safely exit your property swiftly and safely. Be sure to practice running your routes multiple times to become familiar on the best way to exit your property. Also, if you have a home that is multiple stories, consider keeping a fire ladder or rope ladder handy in case you need to leave through a window or opening on one of the upper levels..

With our advice we hope you can keep your property safe from Tulsa fire damages and be prepared to exit your property incase a fire outbreak does occur. If your home does experience Tulsa fire damages, contact the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster by Ike. With our Tulsa fire damage restoration services, we’ll restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.