How to Help Reduce Damages from Smoke or Fire

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, you never know when a fire may strike your property. When you do experience such a situation, always rely on ServiceMaster by Ike. We have all the necessary resources to restore your property and belongings back to normal, from professionally trained experts to specially designed equipment and process. But to effectively save and restore property, quick action must be taken. As you wait for the experts to arrive, there are a few tasks you attempt to do on your own to help minimize damages such as:

  • Wipe down houseplants to remove smoke and soot residue.
  • Remove soot surfaces by gently blowing them off or using a vacuum, avoid brushing or pressing the soot.
  • Clean fixtures to prevent permanent marks.
  • If power has been shut off, empty your refrigerator and place a box of baking soda or odor-absorbing charcoal unit inside.
  • Place old linens, towels, or tarps on the floors of your property to prevent additional soiling.
  • Place a damp cloth over your air vents to capture dust and soot.
  • If the weather allows, open all windows and doors to ventilate the property of smoke, odors, and dust.

Only do these items if it is safe and you are confident in your skills, otherwise you may cause harm to yourself or cause additional damages. To be safe, you can always wait for the experts from ServiceMaster by Ike to arrive, and we’ll take care of everything for you, as we’re the experts for fire damage restoration services in Broken Arrow and Tulsa, Oklahoma.