Helpful Tips for Mold in Broken Arrow, OK

Mold growth is something all property owners wish to avoid, as it can be a headache to remove, it can reach into other portions of your property and can cause severe damages. The key to prevent mold from developing within your property is to prevent it from ever happening, which can be accomplished by eliminating contributing factors. Mold prevention is about eliminating moisture buildup within your property, as mold requires a moisture-rich environment to grow in, but by keeping your property dry, you eliminate an essential key factor for mold growth.

But our experts have provided some additional information on how you can prevent moisture and mold growth from ever occurring within your property. By utilizing these five tips, you can help keep your property mold-free.

Utilize Dehumidifiers
Use dehumidifiers in your property, either have it attached to your HVAC unit or use a standalone machine. Dehumidifiers work to eliminate moisture that is in the air. With drier air you eliminate moisture, reducing the chances of mold growth from occurring within your property.

Weatherproof Your Property
Ensure that your property is properly weatherproofed. Have a professional inspect your property to ensure that all seals are in good condition and that your property has no faults where water or rainfall can enter your property and produce moisture. If any cracks or broken seals are found, repair or replace them as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Property
Inspect your property on an annual basis, and if needed hire a professional to do the inspection. Be sure you inspect every area of your property, from crawl spaces to attics, basements, and more. Low traffic areas are prime locations for mold growth, as they can often harbor moisture and mold can often remain hidden and unnoticed.

Use Your Fans
Whenever shower in your bathroom or cook in the kitchen, always remember to turn on your fans. The fans installed in kitchens and bathrooms are not only to remove odors, they’re placed there to remove steam and moisture. By not using your fans, mold can grow on bathroom walls and fixtures, or on backsplashes, ceilings, or cabinets in kitchens. Prevent mold growth by utilizing your fans when in the kitchen or bathroom.

Have your Plumbing Examined
Contact a local professional to inspect your pipes and plumbing. Many times moisture buildup can be the cause of leaking or broken pipes that release water into your property, creating an excessive amount of moisture. Have the professional inspect your pipes and their pressure to ensure that everything is working properly and that there are no faults or indications of a leak.

Hopefully these tips can help you prevent and prepare against mold damage, but if you ever discover mold within your property, contact ServiceMaster by Ike. We can provide Tulsa, Okmulgee County, and Broken Arrow, OK mold removal services and have your property mold-free and transformed back into a safe and healthy environment. Call us today to learn more about our Broken Arrow, OK mold removal and remediation services.